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Matara District Member of Parliament , Buddhika Pathirana was the guest in the Derana 360 political program on 2011-03-11. This interview is very important not only because this is just after the local authority election but also Buddhika Pathirana is an active member who are appearing for a leadership within the party. Buddhika Pathirana supports the parliamentarian Sajith Premadasa who is also supported by many party members. 

It was reported that there going to be a change in the party leadership after the election. You can watch this video and find out Buddhika Pathirana and Sajith fraction's view about the reforms in the party.

Buddika Pathirana himself was a journalist facilitating similar program when he was in Sirasa TV and if I remember correct in TNL Chanel as well. He is also a medical doctor who graduated from the Colombo North Medical Faculty. 


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