For a small island located in the Asian continent in the Indian Ocean, it packs in so much that every region of the country is seeped with a tourists delight. One of the pearls of the Indian Ocean as it is popularly called has breathtaking beauty that it made Marco Polo say that the island is the finest island of its size in the world. The Paradise of Isle Sri Lanka has a long history at its back and abundance of natural, cultural and scenic tourist attractions, which draws tourists from all over the world. This island is a nature's gift and has everything that the visitors look for a holiday. From the world famous beaches, mountains, wildlife, ancient cities, national parks and reserves, to cool climate and pleasant people the country have made the country increasingly a hot Asian tourist destination. The country's natural wealth is an asset and finds many admirers, of which the significant ones need a mention.

World Famous Beaches
Long unspoilt beaches of Sri Lanka are the reason why tourists head to the country for a holiday. And why not as it has some of the best and most picturesque beaches in the world. Sri Lankan beaches are world famous for its long stretches of coastlines, unspoilt golden sands giving it the name of golden beaches. The island has over thousand kilometers of beautiful coastline encircling it. Sri Lanka never runs out of season for a beach side holiday as the warm, calm waters invite for a swim or a simple stroll by its side. Sri Lanka beach hotels and resort offer with the finest of facilities and services. During the holiday, it is an excellent chance to indulge in various activities and relish the seafood.

Ancient cities- A Treasure
Sri Lanka has an immense historical wealth passed from generations as the Sri Lankan civilization is twenty centuries old. The ancient cities of the country have today made a place in the list of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. Today the sites of the ruined cities, temples, palaces, paintings, and sculptures are the testimony to the ancient civilization. Some of the important sites are Anuradhapura, Mihintale, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Dambulla and Kandy, which have become the tourist hub. Within an easy reach from Colombo city and a good standard of Sri Lanka hotels makes it a popular choice for the tourists from across the globe.

As a small island, Sri Lanka has an extensive and diverse fauna and flora, which treasures many rare species. The country has worked towards conserving and protecting the beautiful, rare wildlife in the numerous national parks and sanctuaries. The visitors both local and the overseas, will find the wildlife parks and reserves spread all over the country, which are very popular. Moreover, these nature reserves provide with a great opportunity to get a feel and sense the nature's beauty. Ruhuna, Uda Walwe, and Wilpattu national parks are amongst the most popular and visitors get to watch the animals in their natural habitats, roaming freely. With excellent facilities for the tourists like the arrangement of covered vehicles for visiting the reserves, accommodation in the form of bungalows and hotels in Sri Lanka, tourists are in for a real treat.

Waterfalls- Nature's gift
Waterfalls are the nature's most fascinating phenomenon and Sri Lanka abounds with waterfalls. A small country like Sri Lanka has a record number of waterfalls with more than hundred. Many of the waterfalls are still hidden and unknown. The reason for the splendid waterfalls is the due to geographical factors like the numerous rivers which are fed by monsoons twice yearly, the topography of high and steeply pen plains, and river beds of hard metamorphic rock, all lead to the right ground for the formation of waterfalls. The striking beauty of the waterfalls charms the visitors and the water rushing down the rocky mountains can send anybody in an ecstasy.
With the tourism playing a key role in the country's economy, efforts have been made to provide with world class Sri Lanka hotels that render excellent services. The range of accommodation available is wide and the visitors will find an international standard hotel, to Sri Lanka beach hotels and low cost budget guesthouses, apartments and home stays too. The hotels in Sri Lanka guarantee a comfortable and a warm hospitable stay to its guests.


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